No celebration of the chilli is complete without a chilli eating competition. And no chilli festival is complete without Darth Naga! Oxfordshire chilli FestivalOne of the original Chilli stuntmen, Darth has become legendary for his crazy chilli reviews. He’s the go to guy for anything Chilli – you may have seen on him TV on Big Brother and Afternoon Kitchen just to name a couple…  As a reviewer for the Chilli Fiends, and previously the Chile Foundry, he’s the powerhouse of peppers- who better to host the Ultimate Chilli challenge! The competition will take place at 4 o’clock on the day of the festival – and places are limited, so email us here

Darth Naga (AKA Tony Ainsworth) – chilli stuntman, capsaicin crazy and chief of all things chilli is the one of the UK’s original chilli-heads, cult youtube star and renowned Chilli expert.

Tony is the chilli’s greatest ambassador – His hilarious videos shouldn’t be taken as mere stunts – Tony is the font of knowledge on all things fiery. “It’s about flavour as much as heat,” says Tony “…unfortunately people love seeing me in pain, so flavour doesn’t always come into it!” Being the only person to have taken on the 16 million Scoville challenge – As he says himself – “There’s not many chilli things i haven’t tried, 16 million SHU crystal is the hottest thing i’ve eaten…and you can’t go any hotter than that!”

He’s also appeared on TV in the UK and further afield. He’s appeared on primetime TV shows, including Big Brother.. Tony’s honesty is refreshing, as a reviewer he’s not scared to pull any punches or say what he thinks! He’s funny, quick witted and charming, and his reactions to the spicy stuff is 100% genuine!

Tony’s recorded reviews with all the leading figures in the chilli scene from all over the world. From Ted Barrus to James Wreck, he’s worked with them all. Tony was also one of the first reviewers to try the current world record holder of the World’s hottest chilli – the Carolina Reaper and clips from this video have been featured on TV world-wide. His latest televised challenge, eating the hottest curry in the world is due to air in September on the Discovery Channel

Tony is charismatic, funny and engaging – no matter whether he’s working the crown at a chilli festival, or appearing on TV talking about his specialist subject. His passion and knowledge are second to none and he has become a firm favourite on the food circuit in the UK. His enthusiasm is incredibly infectious – this summer sees Tony compere several of the biggest food festivals in the UK ahead of his Hottest curry in the world Challenge with Omad Djalili, star of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Davis Tate Abingdon are proud to be the main sponsors of the festival.

Davis Tate Abingdon are proud to be the main sponsors of the festival.